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Specialty Care Dentistry

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Specialty Care Dentistry

Today, with the help of special equipment and advanced technology, modern dentistry can be catered to the individual. Specialty care dentistry makes it possible for the dentists at Westend Dental to provide custom services to ensure the dental health and comfort for all patients. Whether that requires an on-site visit, after-hours appointment or a unique treatment plan, our team provides exemplary specialty care dentistry services to meet the needs of each individual patient.

What is Specialty Care Dentistry?

Specialty care dentistry ensures that patients with special needs receive individualized dental services. Regardless of whether a patient’s specialty care dentistry needs are physical, emotional, cognitive, learning or behavioral in nature, our team of experienced professionals will provide specialized care to minimize patient discomfort and encourage dental hygiene.

Adaptations for dental cleanings, treatments and procedures, including patient positioning and location, can all be customized according to patient need. Specialty care dental practices are equipped for unique patient needs ranging from autism to attention deficit disorders, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, seizure disorders, Alzheimer’s disease and many other conditions.

How is Specialty Care Dentistry Practiced?

The Westend Dental team works to provide specialty care dentistry services that start off with a comprehensive dental care needs assessment of the patient. Then, we extend our services to include excellent patient management with planning for preventative dental maintenance and ongoing care.

We realize that age, disability or other factors may make it difficult to receive care in the standard dental clinic setting. That’s why we offer exclusive dental maintenance and treatment options for patients that require specialty care dentistry services.

Our compassionate approach to specialty care dentistry includes both education and experience handling the needs of various illnesses and disabilities. This special knowledge allows the Westend Dental team to provide patient services using specialized methods, supplies, equipment and medication, as required. Treatment plans are modified according to patient need, with individualized special care dentistry conveniences including:

  • Extended appointment times
  • Use of sedatives or anesthesia, as required
  • Administration of care with patient in wheelchair or alternate position of comfort
  • Customized maintenance and treatment plans

Westend Dental’s team of experts are skilled in administering special care dentistry. Our goal is to assist everyone with obtaining access to proper dental care. Please schedule a consultation to learn more about our special care dentistry services.