Westend Visits SAVO

Recently Westend Dental visited the downtown Chicago offices of SAVO, a sales enablement and social collaboration company, to present a dental hygiene seminar as part of SAVO’s award-winning employee benefits program.

Westend Dental visits SAVO
Westend Dental visits SAVO

Westend Dental’s Megan, R.D.H., and Bernadette, R.D.H., led the seminar entitled “Secrets of a Dental Hygienist: Top Tips & Tricks that can Impact Your Dental Health for the Better.”

The seminar introduced a variety of dental topics including periodontal (gum) health, benefits of orthodontics for dental health, how your diet impacts your teeth and best practices for at-home dental hygiene care.
During the seminar hygienists Megan and Bernadette discussed best professional products for at-home dental hygiene care.

Westend Dental’s hygienists are strong supporters of dental education so patient’s can make wiser lifestyle choices to improve their dental health.

Westend Dental speaks of best dental practices.
During the seminar, hygienists Megan D. and Bernadette discuss best practices for at-home dental care.

“Patient education is so important because as a hygienist we want our patients to make the best possible choices for their dental health. Despite how often a patient visits us for their hygiene visit, we never want to discourage them but offer as much of our clinical knowledge to help them achieve better dental health,” says Megan.

SAVO employees benefited greatly from the dental seminar and also found out about the various services offered at Westend Dental. Likewise, Westend Dental’s hygiene team enjoyed sharing their beneficial dental knowledge with many new smiles!

Interested in Westend Dental coming to your office for a dental seminar? Contact us! We’d love to hear about your company and its wellness program for employees.