Westend ‘Corporate Takeover’

93 XRT has taken over hundreds of businesses and Westend Dental is next! We were chosen for 93 XRT’s weekly ‘Corporate Takeover’ contest to prove that going to the dentist can actually be FUN.

93 XRTOn April 4th, 93 XRT will be stopping by to ‘takeover’ the office and bring goodies for the Westend Dental team but we want YOU to be a part of it. Don’t have an appointment? No problem! We’re inviting all of our patients to stop by and join in on our ‘Corporate Takeover’ for a day full of fun, prizes and lots of smiles.

Westend Dental Corporate Takeover with 93 XRT

Missed Westend Dental on 93 XRT? You can listen to us being announced on XRT, below. We hope to see you at our ‘Corporate Takeover’!