Make a Smile Resolution

It’s two weeks into January, have you kept your New Year’s resolutions? According to, in 2012 approximately 45% of Americans reported making a New Year’s resolution with 47% of those resolutions focusing on self improvement and health changes.

If your ’New Year, New You’ resolution is to implement healthier habits than it’s time to revaluate your current at-home dental care. Do you brush your teeth for at least two minutes? Are you a frequent flosser? And have you seen your dentist or dental hygienist in the last 6 months?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of the above questions now is the time to make a change and improve your dental health. Proper dental hygiene habits not only increase your chance of a cavity-free trip to the dentist but studies confirm that a healthy smile can boost your self-confidence as well as impact your overall health.

So if it’s time for you to make a dental health resolution start your new year with a trip to Westend Dental! Our doctors and hygienists are happy to offer advice on more effective at-home dental care and address any dental concerns you may have. New patients can even choose one of two Welcome Offers: $49 for a dental cleaning, digital x-rays and doctor’s exam or a Complimentary Doctor’s Consultation. Call the office at 773.244.9500 or contact us online to start your 2013 with a healthy, fresh smile!