Improving for our Patients

In today’s fast-paced society it’s no surprise that 78% of Americans express an interest in mobile health solutions. Despite the evolution towards tech-centered healthcare, Westend Dental is continually focusing on how to make our patient experience as personal and individualized for our patients as possible.

The Westend Dental team at a patient care conference in Atlanta.
The Westend Dental team at a patient care conference in Atlanta.

This summer the doctors of Westend Dental flew to Atlanta to attend a patient care seminar focused on the importance of individualizing the patient experience and how creating significant relationships will enhance each patient’s care.

In addition to customizing a visit to fulfill a patient’s needs, the doctors learned the importance of serving to establish patient-doctor trust.

Likewise, Westend Dental’s Office Manager, Sylvana, and Manager of Hygiene Services, Amy, recently attended a seminar hosted by dental software company Dentrix. This seminar focused on using Dentrix software to your dental practice’s advantage for more efficiency throughout administrative tasks and for patient care coordination.

Both seminars provided the Westend Dental team with many takeaways that will benefit our patients, their dental care as well as their experience in-office. Next time you are at Westend Dental please ask us about our recent seminars and the latest developments in office. We’re continually improving our team and services to best serve your dental needs!