Hygienists attend Under One Roof

For the second year in a row dental hygienists Amy Konishi and Megan Post attended Under One Roof’s annual hygiene seminar entitled, “Your Time to Shine.” The focus of this year’s seminar was to learn about the latest dental hygiene research and products in order to better inform patients about their own dental hygiene.

Under One Roof Dental Hygiene Seminar

Highlights from this year’s seminar include new treatment for what dental professionals call pre-carious lesions, which are cavities in the teeth that are not to the point where they require a filling but need treatment to slow down the decay process. Research shows that baking soda is a great tool in preventing cavities and even carbamide peroxide, an ingredient found in many professional strength whitening products, is effective in suppressing cavity production.

Likewise, many studies have shown that oral health has a strong connection to one’s overall health. Amy, Manager of Hygiene Services, learned that good oral health can make diabetics more stable and help prevent many diseases such as Alzheimer’s and heart disease. Dental hygienist Megan P. noted that eating high protein foods such as seafood and soy has been known to decrease the risk of dental decay.

Along with this valuable information there is much that our hygienists and staff are excited to bring to Westend Dental from the Under One Roof seminar. Ask us at your next visit about our newest innovations and products that will help you maintain strong dental health!