Zachary Weiss, D.D.S. Joins Westend Dental Team

With a focus on comprehensive patient care and esthetic dentistry, Dr. Weiss is a great addition to the Westend Dental staff. And, with a commitment to improving the oral health of his patients by continuously promoting the highest standards of dentistry through education, advocacy and professionalism it’s no wonder that Dr. Weiss’ favorite part of being a dentist is helping his patients feel more confident with beautiful and healthy smiles. Continue reading “Zachary Weiss, D.D.S. Joins Westend Dental Team”

The Perfect Road Map For Your Child’s Oral Health

309a6500-8eb9-46c0-8bb8-034d94cb2c37On July 3rd, 1806, two years into their journey to chart the uncharted west of America, pioneer explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark reached a challenge of epic proportion – the Rocky Mountains. What next, they wondered? Without a map, they were forced to do what explorers do – explore, and hope for the best. So, that got us thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a handy map you could use to chart your own dental health? With that in mind, and in honor of our “Dog Days of Summer” explorers, we at Westend Dental wanted to share with you a few mile markers you can use to stay on top of your child’s health today, next year, and for years to come!

Continue reading “The Perfect Road Map For Your Child’s Oral Health”