Straight Smile = Healthy Smile

Having straight teeth may seem only cosmetic, but a perfectly aligned smile is more than a luxury. Straight teeth have a huge impact on your dental health as well as your overall well being. Without a straight smile you are more susceptible to:

Increased tooth decay: When teeth are crowded or crooked it’s easier for bacteria to build up even if you brush the recommended two times per day. More bacteria build up means an increased chance of tooth decay. Continue reading “Straight Smile = Healthy Smile”

Maintain Healthy Gums

Everyone knows brushing and flossing two times a day maintains dental health, but what about your periodontal (gum) health? A huge factor in maintaining healthy gums is correctly aligned teeth and bite. Check out our Straight Talk on Crooked Teeth video to see how misaligned teeth can impact your periodontal health. Continue reading “Maintain Healthy Gums”